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(click to play; there is sound!)

Opening Animation 

Notes On Opening Animation

-last 30 seconds are extra time for the title to come in

-still need to do post effects / lighting and color correction

Capstone Idea

As graduation gets closer, I find myself getting more and more stressed out about being successful. It feels like everyone around me has already figured out their career paths and are sprinting toward their own versions of success. This creates a feeling that I need to keep up with everyone, but I'm not doing enough and I'm falling behind. The constant pressure to work harder and the feeling that you’re never doing enough is a result of hustle culture creating a sense of competition--hustle culture largely defines success as working harder and faster than everyone else. 


However, I feel like I'm stuck between wanting to keep up and also wanting to take my time to really figure out what path I want to take. This struggle between the fixed mindset of hustle culture and a slow, steady growth mindset is the topic I want to explore. 


I want to show that even in a world that encourages the speed and toxicity of hustle and competition, slow and steady growth is just as valid.

Storyboard Animatic 

(click to play)

Notes On Animatic

-i need to change the pacing
-i want to add more detail shots instead of some of the character shots (hands typing, plants growing, etc)
-i'm not sure about the ending

Storyboard Frames 

Character Design

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